Economic Landscape

The 42nd district is a rich kaleidoscope of industries, individuals and landscapes that all come together to make this place so special. But there are obstacles that inhibit the growth of our local industries and communities. I will continue to fight for economic vitality with more job opportunities, because the health of our community is dependent on a strong and functional economy.

Productive Farmland– Dairy farms, berry fields, small acreage hobby farms and countless professional services all contribute to the vitality of Whatcom County Agribusiness. The significance of direct and indirect employment contributions that are needed forgrowing crops and raising livestock in Whatcom County cannot be underestimated.

Working Forests– State and private timber owners are important partners in forest management and species recovery. Working forests provide more than 4000 Whatcom County jobs and adds millions of dollars to our local economy. In addition, timber sales from state forests provide needed investment dollars for K-12 school construction

Vital industries- Whatcom County is home to some of the best family wage jobs thanks in large part to our Cherry Point industries which includes two oil refineries and an aluminum smelter. This industrial zone represents more than 9,000 jobs (directly or indirectly), or about 11 percent of all employment in Whatcom County. The average wage in the Cherry Point area is roughly $114,000.

Bountiful waters– Our rivers, lakes and ocean provides for those who earn their living off the sea as well as offering recreational opportunities for all. The economic impact of the marine trade on our waterfronts is a significant contributor of jobs and revenue. But the commercial fishing industry and seafood processing is threatened if they cannot depend on healthy salmon runs.