Election Victory

I am profoundly grateful for the strong support of friends and supporters who stepped up to contribute, doorbell, make phone calls and offer support and prayers during this campaign season.

Tuesday, Nov. 6th was election day and the turnout of voters was incredible. However, the difference in votes between my opponent and myself made the election too close to call until after the recount was completed. On Dec. 5 the Whatcom County Canvassing Board certified the 2018 General Election recount results. I won by 81 votes.

Looking Forward….
The Democrats have a strong majority in the House with a radical (socialist) agenda. You can bet it will be a challenging session. Regardless, I am undaunted. My legislative action theme is “Family Strong” and I promise to do everything I can to strengthen and support families. Each area of government affects families for better or worse whether its education, health care, transportation, jobs or religious freedom.

Please don’t resign from the political realm just because the election is over. Find ways to advance the Republican message and stay engaged, so we can increase our margin for next time.

Keep watch and remain vigilant.

Serving you,