Strong Communities

Strong nurturing communities that are supportive of families will offer the following key ingredients:

  • Supportive and nurturing families. They are essential to strong communities. Families flourish when human life is respected and valued. Families are stronger when the rights of parents are strengthened and not infringed.
  • Economic vitality. The health of our communities depends on a vibrant economy that provides career opportunities which in turn builds a strong and functional economy.
  • Strong and safe schools. We must provide a world-class education so every student can reach his or her full potential. 
  • Access to food, affordable housing and medical care for families in need
  • Safe and affordable neighborhoods. We must continue to improve living conditions for all and encourage neighbors to get to know and help one another.
  • Parks and recreational facilities. Strong communities provide accessible and inviting places for families to enjoy.
  • Quality of Life. Focused attention to issues that make Whatcom County the best place to live, work and play will build a culture for communities to thrive.